Chess Selection Tournament In Jaffna

An open chess tournament along with one for women were conducted by Jaffna chess association on 30th September and 1st & 2nd of October 2011. For the selection of players to participate in international tournaments. There were 184 men & 72 2women participants and 6 rounds were conducted. 30 men & 10 women who got 4.5 points and above were selected. Also it was made sure that at least the best three in each age group were included in the final selection. From the final selection 6 men and women will take part in the 11 round robin rated tournament which is going to be held in December.
The event was successfully completed against many odds. This was appreciated by the chief guest Mr. G.Luxman Wijesuriya the General Secretary of Commonwealth Chess Association and President of FIDE Zone 3.2, Asia. The chief arbiter was Pradeep Mathara Arachchi and he was also responsible for the success, working without good facilities and electricity.
Mr. R.K.Athavan along with his colleagues were praised by the chief guest for their untiring hard work. He also said that good future is there for Chess players in Jaffna who participated in the events evensong the venue had to be changed twice.
Final Selection Tournament on 15th & 16th October 2011 at Jaffna Vaitheesuara College.

More Chess,
More Players,
More Pleasure,
Island wide.

First selection tournament Results Open
First selection tournament Results Woman
Final Selection Tournament Results Open
Final Selection Tournament Results Woman
Final Selection Tournament Open Category_prizes
Final Selection Tournament Woman Category_prizes
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