Sri Lanka Online National Chess Championship Cycle 2021 – Major Div. III

Northern Open, North Western Women’s, Southern Open, and Central Women’s events concluded as Sivathanujan, Herath, Chenuka and Chanethma as winners.

Sivananthan Sivathanujan
Jagatheshan Arthigan
Sivananthan Sivathanujan of Kokavil Hindu College was able to win the Northern Open event convincingly with an unbeaten record of 6.5 points out of the 7 rounds played. The game he played in the last round was shared with Jagatheshan Arthigan, the Silver medalist of the event. Arthigan of Jaffna Hindu College won 5.5 points out of 7 rounds and the other two games he shared were played against Vidoosha Jayasinghe and G Thanuharshan in the first and third rounds respectively. Aruthran Arunakirinathan of Jaffna Hindu College had to satisfy with the third-place not because of a difference in points, but due to the disadvantage in tie-breaker. In the second round, he had to respect B Janukshan and his fifth round was shared with Dimuthu Abeywardhana.
Movindi Herath
Ranpali Attanayake Prabhodi Methma
From the morning all the events looked very interesting as all the top runners were close to each other. Movindi Herath of Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya was able to win the Gold medal of the North-Western Women’s event after winning 6 points out of the 7 games she played. The only game she lost was played against YW Oneli Vihanga Weerawardana in the fourth round, Ranpali Attanayake of Furguson High School won 5.5 points out of the 7 rounds to win the Silver Medal with the advantage in tie-breaker. The game she lost was played with Herath in the last round while she drew her 1st game with Amadi Vidanapathirana. Prabhodi Methma Wijesinghe of Sabaragamuwa University was able to win the bronze medal due to a small difference of half a point in tie-braker. In the third round, she had to satisfy with a half a point against Taniya Kumari and she lost her fifth round, to Ranpali.
Chenuka Nethvidu
Haritha Hansana
Thisal Manjith Piyumatha
Chenuka Nethvidu Jayawardena of Aloysious College who won 6 points out of the 7 games won the Gold medal in Southern Open event with a gap of half a point from the Silver medalist. Until the end, he was able to survive with an unbeaten record, and the games he played in round 1 and round 5 were shared with H Gayaru Fernando and HG Haritha Hansana, respectively. G Haritha Hansana of Rahula College won second place being unbeaten with the advantage in the tie-breaker. Haritha drew two games with Thisal Manjith Piyumantha, Chenuka and Pamok Samaranayake in his 7 games while scoring 4 wins. The bronze medalist went to M Thisal Manjith Piyumatha of Dharmasoka College losing one game to Chenuka and a draw with Haritha.
Chanethma Devangin
Wishwara Mapa
Rashini Herath
Concluding the Central Women’s event, Chanethma Devangin Marasinghe of Girls High School won the Gold medal at the end of a tough battle with the advantage in tie-braker. She won 5.5 points out of 7 games played with last two games she played ending up as draws against Rumethma Thennakoon and a loss against H M R M K Herath respectively. The Silver medal was won by Wishwara Mapa of Girls High School with 5.5 points losing her fifth round game with Chanetma and having a draw in last round with Rumethma Thennakoon. Rashini Herath of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology won the bronze medal with the difference in tie-breaker. Even though she lost the initial round against Oshadhi Piyathilaka in the first round, she ended the tournament in top three. She drew her game with Hesara Gunasekara.
The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka is organizing a comprehensive Online Rapid National Chess Championship Cycle for the first time in Sri Lanka started from the 1st week of June 2021. The 7 Novices Division events and 7 Women’s Novices Division events were finished on the 15th of August 2021 successfully.
This event is the selection for National Chess Championship which is the selection event for the International Online Rapid Chess Championships in the next year. The event will help all Chess players to stay at home at this difficult time with supporting to grow their Chess Strength.
The all events of the National Chess Championship Cycle is being held on the flat form with all the fair play regulations approved by FIDE. The Time Control will be 15 minutes + 10-second increment for each move played
The next is Online SL National (Premier Division) Chess Championship 2021 which is the final Swiss System event of 11 rounds. All qualified from Major Division and players having more than 1900 (Women over 1600) rating are eligible to participate in the event. The first 16 players will be qualified for the Online National Chess Championship 2021 – Finals
Online SL National Chess Championship 2021 – Finals
Stage 1
A Round Robin Event of first 16 players of National B Chess Championships 2021
Stage 2
Knocked out Event among first 4 players as Semi-Finals and Finals/ Consolation Finals with
Two games with playing tie breaks.
Trophies and Medals will be awarded to the winners in all events and the Championship title for
the winner in the age group.
A total of Rs. 180,000/= will be awarded as the cash awards to National Finals stage II and
National Premier Division as given Below:
SL Online National Chess Championship 2021 – Finals
Stay Safe! Enjoy Chess!
Shakya Peiris
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