Sri Lanka National Chess Championship Cycle 2021 –Major Division

Hardware for Vinuda Shenal, Haritha Shavina, W A N Senpathi and Thishanuga P

The Major’s division events of the National Chess Championship cycle was started in this weekend with the firecrackers of Western 1 Women’s, Western 2 Open, Central Open and Northern Women’s events. It took little longer for finalizing the results till the fair play reports.
Finally, in the Western 1 Women’s event, Oshini Devindya Gunawardena of Furguson High School Rathnapura was able to win the throne with the form she continued from round 1. She has won all 7 points out of the 7 rounds she played. It’s a usual result expected since she is the newly elected World Youth Online Chess Champion in under 10 Years Girls this Year.
Sinlay Thanujana Nimansa Sandanayake
Sinlay Thanujana(Gothami BMV, Colombo 10) placed 2nd scoring 6 ½ points out of 7 to earn the Silver Medal while Nimansa Sandanayake(Musaeus College) placed 3rd with 6 points out of 7 games and won the Silver Medal.
Vinuda Shenal Gunatilleke of Royal College Colombo was able to win the gold medal of the Western 2 open event after a master class performance in the second day of the event. He was able to stay unbeaten and only shared the games with Kosala Sandeepa and Jayodya Rasindu in the last two rounds. Also, he was able to win the game Weerasinghe Yasiru in the fifth round who lead the way until the fourth round. Meanwhile,
Jayodya Rasindu Rashmika Perera Senuja Dilmith Udahamullage
B Jayodya Rasindu Rashmika Perera of Sri Sumangala College, Panadura won the silver medal of the respective event by winning 5.5 points out of the 7 rounds with a walkover in the first round. He was also able to remain unbeaten and Only shared the games he played in the second, fourth and seventh rounds with Liyanage Savinu, Liyanage Daham Kusalwin and Gunathilake and Vinuda Shenal respectively. Though he scored 5.5 points same as Rasindu, Senuja Dilmith Udahamullage (Kaluthara Vidyalaya) had to placate with the third position due to the disadvantage in tie-brakes.
Jenith Wiratunge
Yonal Sumanathilake
Disal Nimsara
Unbeaten Jenith Wiratunge of Trinity College acheived the Gold medal in the Central Open event with a score of 6 ½ points out of 7 games. He scored 6 wins giving only one draw to Ranjan Damsara in the 1st round. Yonal Sumanathilake(Royal International School) won the Silver medal in the better tie breaker after tying with 6 points each with Disal Nimsara Weerasekara of Sri Chandananda Buddhist College, Kandy. Dishal had to satisfy with the Bronze Medal.
P Thishanuga G H S Sanulya S Narthavi
After a tough war P Thishanuga of Vembady Girls High School, Jaffna was able to win the championship of the Northern Women’s event with the 6 points she won and the advantage of tie brakes. The only game she lost was played against Narthavi S. Meanwhile, G H S Sanulya of Polonnarywa Royal Primary College had to satisfy with the silver medal due to less tie braking points and the only game she lost was played with Thishanuga P, the winner of event. S Narthavi of Vembady Girls High School, Jaffna was able to win the bronze medal with the 5 points out of 7 rounds.
The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka is organizing a comprehensive Online Rapid ChessChampionship Cycle for the first time in Sri Lanka started from the 1st week of June 2021. The 7 Novices Division events and 7 Women’s Novices Division events were finished on the 15th ofAugust 2021 successfully.
This National Chess Championship Cycle is the selection event for the International Online Rapid Chess Championships in the future. The event will help all Chess players to stay at home at this difficult time with supporting to grow their Chess Strength. The event is being held on the flat form with all the fair play regulations approved by FIDE.
The Time Control will be 15 minutes + 10-second increment for each move played
The Remaining Major Division events will be held in 2 Weeks ends: 9th & 10th October 2021 – Western I (Open), North Western &Uva with Rathnapura (Open), Western II (Women), and Southern (Women)
16th & 17th October 2021- Northern (Open), Southern Open Central With Kegalle (Women), and North Western & Uva with Ratnapura (Women)
The event is scheduled in 6 stages:
2. SL National Online Majors Division Chess Championships
1. Western 1
2. Western 2
3. Central, Kegalle
4.North Western, Ratnapura
5. Southern
6. Northern
Eligibility - Rating Greater than 1199 and less than 1899 and selected players from relevant
Novices Chess Championship for the Open Section.
Rating Greater than 1099 and less than 1599 for Women’s events and qualified players from
Women Novices in the respective region.
The Qualification to Online National Premier is that for the first 20 players in the starting rank list 10 players will qualify and for every subsequent 5 players, an additional 1 player will qualify.
No of Qualifiers = 10 + {(T-20)/5} T-Total Players
If there are 50 players in an event 16 players are qualified.
Online SL National (Premier Division) Chess Championship 2021
The final Swiss System event of 11 rounds. All qualified from Major Division and players
having more than 1900 (Women over 1600) rating are eligible to participate in the event. The
first 16 players will be qualified for the Online National Chess Championship 2021 - Finals
Online SL National Chess Championship 2021 – Finals
Stage 1
A Round Robin Event of first 16 players of National B Chess Championships 2021
Stage 2
Knocked out Event among first 4 players as Semi-Finals and Finals/ Consolation Finals with
Two games with playing tie breaks.
Trophies and Medals will be awarded to the winners in all events and the Championship title for
the winner in the age group.
A total of Rs. 180,000/= will be awarded as the cash awards to National Finals stage II and
National Premier Division as given Below:
SL Online National Chess Championship 2021 – Finals
Open Women
Champion – Rs, 40,000/= Rs. 25,000/=
1st Runner Up – Rs. 25,000/= Rs. 15,000/=
2nd Runner Up - Rs. 12,000/= Rs. 8,000/=
4th Place – Rs. 7,000/= Rs. 4,000/=
SL Online National (Premier Division) Chess Championship 2021 – Finals
Open Women
Champion – Rs, 15,000/= Rs. 10,000/=
1st Runner Up – Rs. 10,000/= Rs. 5,000/=
2nd Runner Up - Rs. 5,000/= Rs. 3,000/=
Stay Safe! Enjoy Chess!
Shakya Peiris
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