Sri Lanka Online National Rapid Chess Championship Cycle 2021

Sanjeewa and Chenaya grabs the Championship!

Piyumi Amarathunga - 2nd Place Western 2

Dayan Munasinghe - First Place Western 2

EABT Edirisinghe - 3rd Place Western 2

Sanjeewa Dayan Munasinghe of National Building Research Organization won the gold Medal at the Western 2 – Open category of the Sri Lanka National Online Novices Chess Championship 2021 with a stunning score of 6.5 points out of possible 7 games. Sanjeewa had 6 straight wins against Jayod Bodaragamage, Mohamed Wishal, EABT Edirisinghe, Akindu Keerthisinghe, Tharushika Silva and WDRT Wijeratne. However, drew his last game to Piyumi Amarathunga to win the title.
Piyumi Amarathunga of Super Fighters Chess Club secured the Silver Medal with an exemplary score of 6 out of the possible 7 games. Piyumi started the tourney having a draw with Thisara perera but found her form to win 5 games straight against KTS Karannagoda, Senal Francis, Thinod Perera, Ishitha Upeksha, Akindu Keerthisinghe. She drew the last game to the gold medalist, Sanjeewa Munasinghe.
EABT Edirisinghe of University of Moratuwa also scored 6 out of 7 possible games, same as the Silver medalist, but with the lesser tie breaker, earned the Bronze medal. Edirisnghe won his first two games against Akeesh Perera and Sanuka Jayawardane but lost his third game to the gold medalist, Sanjeewa. Later finding his form he had 4 straight wins against Thanuga Geeneth, Dineth Kumara, Janith Rajawasala and Daham Sathsara to score 6 points.

Haritha Thillainathan - 2nd Place Western 1 – Women’s category

Chenaya Ekaratne - First Place Western 1 – Women’s category

Arundi Beminiwatte - 3rd Place Western 1 – Women’s category

Chenaya Ekaratne of Meauseus College, Colombo 07, scoring a breathtaking score of 7 out of 7 possible games won Gold Medal at the Western 1 – Women’s category of the Sri Lanka National Online Novices Chess Championship 2021. She beat Nethra Rathnayake, Vihansa Liyanage, Resandi Kiringoda, Jenuki Herath, Tenuki Herath, Thinuli Pathirana and Ananya Perera to grab the championship.
Haritha Thillainathan of Bishops College, Colombo 03 and Arundi Beminiwatte of Defense Services College, Colombo 02 scored an amazing 6 points out of 7 possible games. However, with the better tie breaker, Haritha won Silver while Arundi had to satisfy with Bronze.
Haritha lost her first game to Theruni Jayasundara but stood-up having an astonishing 6 straight wins against Vinuji Mendis, Bhagya Kavindi, Lithumi Hiranya, Ranumi Gamage, Chanudi Jayasinghe and Tenuki Herath.
The Bronze medalist, Arundi, beat Vinaya Perera, Januthi Malinsa, Sanara Kuruppuarachchi, Nethra Rathnayake, Yenuli Wijeweera, Thinuli Pathirana but lost her third game to Chanudi Jayasinghe.
The Sri Lanka National Online Novices Chess Championship - 2021 Western 2 Open and Western 1 girls’ events came to an end today with the participation of 152 players, whose rating is less than 1200. Both events were played according to the Swiss System in 7 rounds under the Rapid Chess time control of 15 minutes + 10 second increment for each move played.
Top 23 players of the Western II Open and the Top 22 players of the Western I Women will be qualified to the appropriate Majors Division Chess Championships to be held from late August 2021. The Inaugural Sri Lanka Online National Rapid Chess Championship Cycle 2021 conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka consists of 4 stages. The Cycle is started with the Novices events in 7 regions followed by the Major Division Events in the same regions. The Top players will join with the selectees from Major Division events in the National B event. The Top 14 players of the National B will join the current National Chess Champion and the top rank player in the 15 round, Round robin
event in the 1st stage of the finals while a knocked out of top four players of Round Robin event will be played as 2nd stage in the finals. The same structure will be followed in the Women Event as well.
The qualified players for the Majors Division Chess Championship are given below:
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