The Asian Zonal Hybrid Chess Championship 2021 – Final Day

Ranindu Draws with the Grandmaster and wins the Bronze Medal!
SL National Chess Champion Ranindu Dilshan Liyanage of Ananda College fought hard Grand Master Enamul Hussain and got a draw in style to win the Bronze Medal in the Asian Zonal Hybrid Chess Championship 2021 of Zone 3.2 of FIDE, the South Asian Zone. Starting with the Sicilian Defense the grandmaster sacrificed a pawn and got a strong night against Ranindu’s bad Bishop early in the game. He used all tricks to get the points since if he got the point he could have got the gold medal with the possibility to play in the Chess World Cup 2021. But, with very careful play Ranindu achieved the 3rd spot with a total of 6 points out of 9 games.
Overnight leader Bangladesh Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman(2434) also drew a hard fought game against Bangladeshi, young, 11 year old, Manon Reja Neer and stopped at 8 points. Needing a full point to tie with him with the better tie breaker, Bangladeshi Grandmaster had to draw the game on Ranindu and won the Silver Medal with 7 ½ ponts. So, the Grandmaster Ziaur got the Gold Medal with the FIDE Chess World Cup ticket. A total of 3,000 USD is distributed among the winners with USD 1,000 to the Champion, USD 700 to the runner up and USD 500 to Ranindu being the 3rd.
Unfortunately, FIDE Master Susal De Silva of Nalanda College met his colleague AACB Amarasinghe of SJP Chess Club and game ended in favour of Amarasinghe. Amarasinghe scored 6 points out of 9 games and tied for the 3rd place with 5 more players, but placed 8th according to the tie breaker point. Susal had a total of 5 points out of 9 game. Amarasinghe also received 100 USD as the award for 8th place.
The Asian Zonal Chess Championship 2021, the preliminary event for the FIDE World Chess Cup 2021 for the South Asia was started on 1st of June 2021 on the Tornelo platform. A total of 39 players from the South Asian countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka participated in the event. With the strength, India is considered as a single zone by FIDE giving a direct entry to the FIDE World cup.
The Bangladesh Chess Federation conducted the event from Dhaka and the Sri Lankan Players played from the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka headquarters, Gangodawila, Nugegoda. The event was in progress from 1st to 9th June 2021. It was held according to the Swiss System of 9 rounds. The Virtual Awards Ceremony is planned to be held on 10th June 2021 at 3.00 p.m SL Time.
The games of Final Round of Sri Lankan Players are given below:
Liyanage,Ranindu Dilshan (2203) - Hossain,Enamul (2402)
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.g3 a6 7.Bg2 Nf6 8.0-0 Nxd4 9.Qxd4 Bc5 10.Bf4 d6 11.Qd2 h6 12.Rad1 e5 13.Be3 Bxe3 14.fxe3 Be6 15.Qxd6 Rc8 16.Qxc7 Rxc7 17.Rd2 Ke7 18.Nd5 Bxd5 19.exd5 Ne8 20.e4 Nd6 21.c3 f6 22.Re1 b5 23.Bf1 Rb8 24.Rc2 a5 25.Bd3 b4 26.cxb4 Rxc2 27.Bxc2 Rxb4 28.b3 Rd4 29.Kf2 Nb5 30.Ke3 Nc3 31.a3 f5 32.exf5 Kd6 33.Bd3 Nxd5+ 34.Kd2 Nf6 35.Kc3 Rg4 36. Bc4 Rd4 37.Re2 Ne4+ 38.Kc2 a4 39.Re3 Nc5 40.Kc3 Rd1 41.b4 Rc1+ 42.Kd2 Rxc4 43.bxc5+ Kd5 44.Rf3 Rxc5 45.f6 gxf6 46.Rxf6 Rb5 47.Ra6 Rb2+ 48. Ke1 Ke4 49. Rxa4+ Kf3 50.Rb4 Rxh2 51.Rb3+ Ke4 52.Rb4+ Kd3 53.Rb3+ Ke4 54.Rb4+ Kf5 55.Rh4 Ra2 56.Rxh6 Ke4 57.g4 Rxa3 58.g5 Rg3 59.Kf2 Rxg5 60.Rh3 Kd4 61.Ke2 Rg2+ 62. Ke1 Ra2 63.Rh4+ e4 64.Rh3 Ke5 65.Rb3 Kf5 66.Rb5+ Kg4 67.Rb3 Rh2 68.Ra3 Kf4 69.Rb3 Rh1+ 70.Ke2 Rh6 71.Ra3 Rb6 72.Rc3 Ra6 73.Rb3 Ra4 74.Rh3 Ra2+ 75.Ke1 Rb2 76.Ra3 Rh2 77.Rb3 Rh1+ 78.Ke2 Rh8 79.Ra3 Rh7 80.Rb3 Rh2+ 81.Ke1 ½ - ½
De Silva LMST (2085) – Amarasinghe AACB (1873)
1. e4 g6 2. d4 Bg7 3. Nf3 d6 4. Bd3 Nc6 5. c3 e5 6. dxe5 dxe5 7. O-O Nge7 8.Qe2 O-O 9. Rd1 Be6 10. Ng5 Bd7 11. Bc4 Qe8 12. b4 b5 13. Bb3 a5 14. Be3 axb415. cxb4 Nd4 16. Bxd4 exd4 17. e5 Nc6 18. f4 Nxb4 19. Rxd4 c5 20. Rxb4 cxb4 21.Nd2 h6 22. Nge4 Be6 23. Nd6 Qe7 24. Bxe6 Qxe6 25. Nb3 f6 26. Re1 fxe5 27. fxe5Bxe5 28. Qxe5 Qxe5 29. Rxe5 Rxa2 30. h4 Rd8 31. Nxb5 Rd3 32. N3d4 b3 33. Ne2 b2 34. Nbc3 Ra1+ 35. Kf2 b1=Q 36. Nxb1 Rxb1 37. Re6 Kf7 38. Re4 Rb2 39. Rf4+ Kg7 40. Re4 Kf6 41. Rf4+ Ke5 42. Rf8 Rdd2 43. Kf3 Rd3+ 44. Kf2 Ra3 45. Kf1 Ra1+ 46.Kf2 Ra4 47. Kg3 Rbb4 48. Rg8 Rg4+ 49. Kf3 h5 50. Re8+ Kd6 51. g3 Ra3+ 52. Kf2Kd7 53. Re5 Ra2 54. Re3 Rga4 55. Re5 Ra5 56. Rxa5 Rxa5 57. Nf4 Ra6 58. Kg2 Ke859. Kh3 Kf7 60. Nd3 Ra5 61. Ne1 Kf6 62. Nf3 Ra4 63. Ng5 Kf5 64. Nf3 Ke4 65.Ng5+ Ke3 66. Kg2 Ra2+ 67. Kh3 Kf2 68. Kh2 Re2 69. Kh3 Re1 70. Kh2 Re3 71. Nh3+Kf3 72. Nf4 Kg4 0-1
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