Asian Schools Online Rapid Chess Championship 2021 – Open Events

Susal is the best from Sri Lanka!

Susal De Silva of Nalanda College completed the event with 6 ½ points out of 9 games at the end of the Asian Schools Online Rapid Chess Championship 2021 conducted by the Asian Chess Federation and organized by the Philippines Chess Federation. Susal who was in the 2nd equal stage after 6 games with 5 points on 30th could score only 1 ½ points from 3draws with International Master M Pranesh(India), Prin Laohawirapap(Thailand) and Y Sethumadhav(India)in the last day.
Susal had an unexpected lost in the 1st round to a lesser rated Kapur Suubh of India and came back strongly with five wins with Meghat Irfan(Malaysia), Behrad Attar (Iran), Islam Muhtadi(Bangladesh), Shiv Shome (India), Rai Garv (India) and International Master M Pranesh (India) in first 6 rounds. He tied for the 5th place but had to satisfy with the 11th on the tie breaking points.
Asian Schools Online Open Chess Championship 2021 was held on 29th, 30th and 31st of July 2021 on Tornelo Platform. The event was held on the Rapid Chess time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increments for each and every move you played and consisted of 9 rounds. The event was held in 12 categories as under 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 years Open and Girls. The Asian School Online Rapid Girls Chess Championship was played in the same conditions on 23rd, 24th and 24th July 2021 at the Tornelo Platform.
Pratheepan Gophishan and KPDM Jayarathne(Maliyadeva Modal School, Kurunegala) of under 7 Yrs. Open, THD Thisarindu Induwara(Royal College), DDLD Dandeniya(Maliyadeva College and )Haritha Hansana(Rahula College, Matara) of under 11 Yrs., SMMP Kulathilake(Sri Sangabodhi Vidyalaya, Nittambuwa,) in under 13 Yrs, Lalindu Sathmina (Isipathana College) and Thenuka Kuruwitagamalathge(Nalanda College)) scored 5 points out of 9 games.
The Sri Lanka Schools Chess Association did a great team work to handle the huge team of 96 school Chess player fielded from Sri Lanka.

Performance of Sri Lanka Schools Chess Contingent 1t Asian Schools Online CC 2021 (Click Here)

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