Asian Junior Chess Championships 2021

Indians are still ahead, WIM Priyanka Comes to the top in Girls with Rahul in Open

Susal De Silva - Sri Lanka Sanudula Dahamdi - Sri Lanka VS Rahul - India K Priyanka - India
VS Rahul (2387) of India drew with Sri Lanka’s promising Youth Chess player, Susal De Silva of Nalanda College to reach points out of 8 games. Rahul is still leading the points table which he started from the beginning and beat all four GMs in the event earlier. Indian International Master, GB Harshawardhana beat Indian IM Vardaan Nagpal to close the gap with Rahul to ½ a point with 6 ½ points to his basket. Harshwardana is meeting the top seed Indian IM, Mitrabha Guha in the final round tomorrow in the crutial match. Mitrabha also came strongly back by beating Indian International Master Shrihari Ragunandan in the 8th round to score 6 points to stay in 3rd place. Mitrabha is the Indian National Chess Champion and are also selected to participate in the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships 2021 s well. Sri Lanka’s Susal de Silva stays in the 4th place woth Gholami Orimi of Iran with 5 ½ points.
Sri Lanka’s young talent, Sanudula Dahamdi of Musaeus College came strongly in the 8th and penultimate round to draw the game with strong Women International Master of India who headed the table throughout. This score resulted in Indian Women International Master K Priyanka coming to head the points table. With a win against Women FIDE Master of UAE, AL Maamaria she came to 6 ½ points having better tie breaker. Savitha is also in 6 ½ points as number 2. Sanudula Dahamdi and Anousha Mahdian of Iran are sharing 5 ½ points each and Sanudula on the 3rd place with the better tie breaker. Sanudula is meeting the rival Anousha at the Final Round for the deceive Bronze medal encounter in the final round.
The Asian Junior Chess Championships 2021 which is conducted by the Asian Chess Federation is organized by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka. A total of 54 players, 32 in Open and 22 in Women are participating in this event which is in progress from 17th to 23rd December 2021 at Citrus Hotel, Waskaduwa according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds
The winners in two categories are offered a Grandmaster norm and International Master Title by the World Chess Federation. Even two tied players to top points will also be awarded International Master Titles. Otherwise the Silver and Bronze Medalists are offered International Master Norms.
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Asian Girls Chess Championship 2021

Asian Juniors Chess Championship - 2021
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