FIDE Chess World Cup 2021

Runindu lost a hard fought game!

Ranindu in Action
Ranindu Dilshan Liyanage is playing positive Chess at the FIDE Chess World Cup 2021, but lost a hard fought game yesterday in the 1st round with Strong Russian Grandmaster Oparin Grigoriy (2654). He played 90 moves in a marathon game fighting to get a draw in a position having a Rook for his opponent's Rook and a Bishop. The Grandmaster was strong and Ranindu having less time in his clock made the game in favour of the Russian.
Ranindu who is working with the Uzbekistan Trainer, Grandmaster Alexie Barasov will face the same opponent with the White pieces to day. He has to score a win today to stay in the event.The FIDE Chess World Cup conducted by the International Chess Federation (FIDE), organized by the Russian Government and the Russian Chess Federation is in progress from 10th July to 8th August 2021. All the top players in the World including the World Chess Champion Magnus Carson are competing for the supremacy in the Chess World.
FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich made the Ceremonial Opening of the FIDE Chess World Cup 2021 yesterday at the Galaxy Entertainment And Leisure Complex Sochi, Russia at 3.00 p.m. Russian time.
The organizer has offered a huge cash fund nearly 450 million Rupees where the FIDE World Cup Champion receives nearly Rs. 3,000,000/= in cash. Even the round 1 competitor is awarded nearly rupees 900,000/=
The game:
White - GM Oparin Grigoriy (RUS) 2654
Black - CM Ranindu Dilshan Liyanage (SRI) 2203

1.b3 Nf6 2.Bb2 d5 3.Nf3 e6 4.c4 b6 5.e3 Bb7 6.Nc3 a6 7.cd5 ed5 8.d5 Bd6 9.g3 O-O 10.Bg2 Nbd7 11.O-O Re8 12.Ne2 Ne5 13.Nf4 N2f6 14.Rc1 a5 15.Ne5 c5 16.Ng4 Bf4 17.gf4 Ng4 18.Qg4 Bc8 19.Qh5 Ba6 20.Re1 c4 21.f3 Nf6 22.Qh4 Rc8 23.e4 de4 24.fe4 c3 25.Rc3 Qd4 26.Qf2 Qf2 27.Kf2 Rcd8 28.Rc2 Bd3 29.Bf6 Bc2 30.Bd8 Rd8 31.Bf3 g6 32.Ke2 a4 33.ba4 Ba4 34.Rb1 Rc8 35.Rb6 Rc2 36.Ke3 Ra2 37.f5 Ra3 38.Kf2 Rb3 39.Rd6 gf5 40.ef5 Kg7 41.f6 Kg6 42.Be4 Kg5 43.h4 Kh4 44.Rd4 Rb2 45.Ke3 Bb3 46.Rb4 Kg5 47.Kd4 Kf6 48.Kc3 Rf2 49.Rb3 h5 50.Rb5 h4 51.Rh5 Rh2 52.Kd3 Rh3 53.Kd4 Rh2 54.Ke3 h3 55.Kf4 Rf2 56.Kg3 Rb2 57.Rh3 Rb3 58.Bf3 Kg5 59.Rh5 Kg6 60.Rc5 f5 61.Kf4 Rb4 62.Ke5 Rb1 63.Rc8 Re1 64.Kf4 Ra1 65.Rb6 Kg7 66.Bd5 Ra5 67.Rd6 Ra7 68.Kf5 Rc7 69.Rg6 Kf8 70.Ke6 Re7 71.Kf6 Rf7 72.Ke5 Rc7 73.Be6 Rg7 74.Rf6 Ke7 75.Rh6 Kf8 76.Kd6 Rg4 77.Rh7 Rg6 78.Rc7 Rf6 79.Ke5 Rg6 80.Rf7 Kg8 81.Bd5 Rg7 82.Rf5 Kh2 83.Bf2 Rg4 84.Kf6 Rh4 85.Bg6 Kh6 86.Rg5 Rf4 87.Bf5 Rc4 88.Rg8 Rc6 89.Be3 Rc7 90.Rg6 1-0
Report By
Luxman Wijesuriya
President – CFSL
General Secretary – South Asian Chess Council
General Secretary – Commonwealth Chess Association
Vice – President Asian chess Federation
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