Lisara Kodithuwakku wins Kolonnawa Chess Classics 2019

Lisara Kodithuwakku of Lycium International School won the ‘ 5th Kolonnawa Chess Classic’ International rating open Chess Championship 2019 convincingly. He scored 9 points out of possible 10 games. The 14 year boy, Lisara drop only one point in the 6th round scored all other 9 points to earn Rs. 60,000/= with the Gold medal and the trophy. Pasan Liyanapathirana, Chamil Priyankara, Kevin Ranindu Silva and EDS Chandula tied for the 2 nd equal place with 8 ˝ points sharing a total prize of Rs. 80,000/= and Pasan and Chamil earned the Silver and Bronze medals respectively on better Tie braker.

The Kolonnawa Chess Challenge was organized by the Kolonnawa Chess Club on behalf of the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka from 13th to 17th December 2019 at Sathara Hall, Maharagama. The organizers offers a cash award of Rs. 360,000/- with other attractive awards.

Pesandu Rashmitha Liyanage, AACB Amarasinghe, Kalinu Deshapriya, Marlon Fernando, Himsara Kodithuakku and Sasindu Lakshitha tied for the 6th place with 8 points.

Linali Andrea Jayasuriya also from Lycium International School won her first ever women’s Chess title being the Women’s Champions at this event. She scored a total of 7 1/2 points out of possible ten games. Sanidula Dahamdi had to satisfy with the Silver Medal on lesser tie breaker after scoring the same points as Linali. Tharushi Niklesha was third with 7 points.

The Category prizes are as given below:

Under 06 Girls

Champion                    K P Ardra       

First Runner Up           W D Janithi Navara Weragala

Second Runner Up      Saheli Wathnara Abeywardhana


Under 07 Girls

Champion                    S A N Silva

First Runner Up           A G Hansadie Aradhya Akuratiya

Second Runner Up      Nethmi Vimansa Fernando


Under 08 Girls

Champion                    Ranya Liyanage

First Runner Up           O M D Pahanmee Minthuli Ayansa

Bronze Medal              Siheli Chanara De Alwis


Under 10 Girls

Champion                    Tharuli Vihasna Ranganath

First Runner Up           Prathibha Nethsarani Bandara

Bronze Medal              Jenuki Alwis Under


Under 12 Girls

Champion                    WCM Ehsha Mishela Pallie

Silver Medalist             Nemindi Linaya Ramanayake

Second Runner Up      Dehansa Nisanduni Sandanayake


Under 15 Girls

Champion                    Prasansa Premanath

Silver Medlist               Nimansa Sasanduni Sandanayake Equal First

Bronze Medalist           Dini Nathyaa Kathriarachchi Under



Under 06 Boys

Champion                    Binara Aradya Gunathilake

Silver Medalist                         W Dinuk Nimtharu Perera

Second Runner Up      K M Nilash Nethul Kottage


Under 07 Boys

Champion                    Dulin Hansilu Suraweera

First Runner Up           Dulein Bimsath Labunahewage

Bronze Medalist           Sanithu Dulsith Premarathna


Under 08 Boys

Champion                    V W A Vinuda Vidmal Wickramasinghe

Silver Medalist                         W Tharuk Nimsandu Perera

Second Runner Up      Chenitha Mithvidu Ovitigala Under 08 Boys


Under 10 Boys

Champion                    Vivash Ransara Samarakoon

First Runner Up           Savinu Suhaswin Liyanage Under 10 Boys

Bronze Medalist           T H D Thisarindu Induwara


Under 12 Boys

Champion                    Brijeash Saravanabaavan

First Runner Up           A A Kavishka Gimshan Laksiri

Bronze Medalist           M D Vinuda Shenal Gunathilake


Under 15 Boys

Champion                    Mohamed Nabil Nazar

Silver Medalist             Senuka Aswin Ahangama

Second Runner Up      T C M Dulein Kavindu Cooray Under 15 Boys


Unrated Category

Champion                    Ayesh K Rajendra

Silver Medalist                         J Barath

Bronze Medalist           Linuka Perera


Rating Between 1001 - 1300

Champion                    W D P N Maithripala

Silver Medalist                         V T Malitha Rohana

Bronze Medalist           T Anparasan Rating


Rating Between 1301 - 1500

Champion                    Kusalvin Liyanage

First Runner Up           W C M Kasun Yasanga

Bronze Medalist           A Vinuga Sethiya


Rating Between 1501 - 1700

Champion                    D Upashan L Perera

Silver Medallist                        M N G Jayarathne

Second Runner Up      WCM T H D Niklesha Tharushi Rating Between 1501 - 1700


Rating Between 1701 - 1900

Champion                    C M S Praneeth Kumara

First Runner Up           Y Jayaweera

Second Runner Up         Keeth M S Jayasinghe