Sri Lanka National Team (Super League) Chess Championship 2022

The Sri Lanka National Team (Super League) Chess Championship 2022 was held from 10th August to 14th of August at New Chess Federation Headquarters, Torrington square, Colombo 07. This is the premier clubs event in Sri Lanka organized by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka. Ten teams were selected for the event and it was held as nine rounds, round-robin event. The standard time control of 90 minutes with 30 seconds increment from move 01.
Super Knights Chess Club claimed its victory in Sri Lanka National Team (Super League) Chess Championship 2022. After 09 rounds, with only one round lost to the Sri Lanka Navy Chess Club, Super Knights Chess Club dominated the event from beginning. Anandians Chess Club and Kandyan Lions Chess Club secured first-runners up & second runners up places respectively. Although, Anandians Chess Club tied with Super Knights Chess Club with equal match points, with tie of game points, Super Knights Chess Club broke that tie.
Super Knights Chess Club consisted of J S Aloka Fernando, CM Kevin Ranidu Silva, Nabil Nazar Mohamed, CM AACB Amarasinghe, A Vinuga Sethiya, KGTSD Kiriella, Pesandu Rashmitha Liyanage & Y Jayaweera. Anandians Chess Club consisted the following players.
They are CM Dinul Thisura Doluweera, Lahiru Munasinghe, Pasan Vindula Liyanapathirana, Thisura Munasinghe, CM Mojitha Sathsara Gunaratne, Shanaka Munasinghe & Chathulanka Gamage.
Kandyan Lions Chess Club consisted of K A P M Ariyawansa, Manushka Yatawala, NPG Sithija Lahiru, Achinthya Shamen Kaluarachchi, AJKD Bandara, Dhanushka Bandara, AS Galagamaarachchi & CL Jayaweera.
Board Prizes were awarded according to the best rating performances and following players won the board prize in respective board.
Board 01 – Jenith Wiratunga (Kandy YMCA Chess Club)
Board 02 – DCJ Karunaratne (Blue & Gold Chess Club)
Board 03 – NPG Sithija Lahiru (Kandyan Lions Chess Club)
Board 04 - Achinthya Shamen Kaluarachchi (Kandyan Lions Chess Club)
Board 05 - Thisura Munasinghe (Anandians Chess Club)
Board 06 – Osheen De Silva (Sri Lanka Navy Chess Club)
Board 07 - Pesandu Rashmitha Liyanage (Super Knights Chess Club)
Board 08 – S Sivathanujan (Grand Prix Chess Club)
Final Rankings of the event as follow.
01. Super Knights Chess Club
02. Anandians Chess Club
03. Kandyan Lions Chess Club
04. Sri Lanka Navy Chess Club
05. Grand Prix Chess Club
06. Blue & Gold Chess Club
07. Kandy YMCA Chess Club
08. Sokians Chess Club
09. Maroons Chess Club
10. Mayor Chess Club
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