The Inaugural CFSL Online Youth (Under 12Yrs) Championship 2021
11 year Old Haritha Hansan Champion with full score!

Haritha Hansana from Denipitiya Primary School emerged Champion at the Inaugural CFSL Online Youth (Under 12Yrs) Championship 2021 yesterday with the perfect score of 9 out of nine games. Hansana beat Krithik Koneshwaran, Methan Sritharan, Asini Gamage, S Fairooz, BAM Arachchi, Sithum Pahasara, Pamok Samaranayake, Sasula Pathirana and SSLN Dandeniya, the all opponents without hesitation to be the Champion. Hansana is one of the strongest Youth Chess Players in Sri Lanka who won the National Youth Under 10 years event in 2019 and has represented Sri Lanka in many International events with victories.
Thehara Galagedara of Musaeus College won the Silver medal with 8 points out of 9 Games. Sh is also outstanding since she had done the performance in an open event with 250 players. She is also one of the strongest youth Girls Chess players in the country. She won all games except Dinith erera in the 2nd round.
Aloka Hettiarachchi of Nalanda College also scored 8 points out of 9 games to share the 2nd place with Thehara but had to satisfy with the Bronze medal according to the tie breaker. He was unbeaten throughout the event, just giving 2 draws to Sethum Manuwaruna in the first round and Ashad Mohammed in the 7th round and scored seven wins.
The CFSL Online Youth under 12 Yrs Championship was also a remarkable event with a participation of more than 230 Chess Players from all over the country. The event was held in the flatform on 27th and 28th February 2021 according to the Swiss system in 9 round. The time control was 15 minutes per player + 10 second increment per each move played.
Due to the pandemic situation Chess world changed to Online Chess and now the all the important events are in online as well. The CFSL started the youth Chess activities with the SL Online Youth (under 14 years ) and continued to under 14 Girls event in last 2 months. Both events were great successes with nearly 300 players in Open and 200 in Girls.
The event was played with very strict Anti-cheating guidelines according to the FIDE Laws. Only the laptops were allowed to play the event while all players are observed through a Zoom meeting open throughout the play. If anyone found cheating, sever punishments were announced.
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