The CFSL Online Youth Under 10 Yrs Chess Championship 2021

Dandeniya wins the event convincingly!
DDLN Dandeniya of Maliyadeva College scored a grand slam of 8 points out of 8 games at the CFSL Online Youth Under 10 Yrs Chess Championship today. Dandeniya who was sharing the lead with 4 points out of four with 7 more players yesterday performed excellently scoring 4 more points with Onel Wijesinghe, Sesandu Chandula, KG Wimalarathne and Chanthuli De Silva to get the total 8 points out of possible 8 games. He receives the Championship trophy and the Gold Medal.
KG Wimalarathne - 2nd Place
DDLN Dandeniya - Champion
Sethum Samaraweera - 3rd Place
KG Wimalarathne of Kingswood College Kandy finished with 7 points out of 8 games to win the Silver Medal. Wimalarathne tied with two other players Sethum Samaraweera and Damsen Dayarathne but had the better tie breaker to reach the 2nd place. Sethum Dayarathne also from Kingswood College got the Bronze medal after the tie breaker. Damsen Dayarathne had to satisfy with the 4th place.
The CFSL Online Youth Under 10 Yrs Chess Championship 2021 conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka was held on 3rd and 4th of April 2021 at the flatform. A total of 155 players from all over the country participated in the event which was conducted on Swiss System in 8 rounds with the time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment per each move played. The Players born after 1st January 2011 were eligible to play in the event.
With the current COVID 19 Pandemic situation, the Chess Federation as all other Chess organizations have started online Chess with all precautions for cheating. All players participating were allowed to play with laptop/ Desktops only and they were compelled to be in a Zoom meeting throughout the games with shared screen/ Task Manager. The Chess arbiters were closely observing them through this zoom meeting throughout the game. All other checking measures for cheating was in action and the Chess Federation has declared 2 year ban from Chess if any player found guilty in cheating while playing.
The Chess Federation plans to organize the CFSL Youth Under 10, 10G, 12, 12G, 14, 14G, 16, 16G. 18 and 18 Girls Championships this year in order to field Players to represent Sri Lanka in all World/ Asian Youth Online Chess Championships 2021. The Under 10 Girls, 12, 12G, 14 and 14 Girls are already over.
Final Standings
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