CFSL Online Youth Under 12 Girls Chess Championship 2021

Anujana Sendanayake from Mathugama wins the Championship
Anujana Hasandi Sendanayake of Ananda Sastralaya, Mathugama won the Championship of the CFSL Online Youth Under 12 Yrs. Girls Chess Championship convincingly scoring 6 ½ points out of possible 7 games today. Anujana was unbeaten throughout the event with victories against Nilani Dharmasena, Yehansa Wickramasinghe, HGS Sanulya, Tharuli Ranganath, Gehansa Dange and Jenuki Alwis and a draw with Esandi Newansa.
Anujana Hasandi - 1st Place Esandi Newansa - 2nd Place HGS Sanulya - 3rd Place
The CFSL Online Youth Under 12 Yrs Girls Chess Championship 2021 conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka was held on 13th and 14th of March 2021 at the flatform. A total of 84 players from all over the country participated in the event which was conducted on Swiss System in 7 rounds with the time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment per each move played.
With the current COVID 19 Pandemic situation, the Chess Federation as all other Chess organizations have started online Chess with all precautions for cheating. All players participating are allowed to play with laptop/ Desktops only and they are compelled to be in a Zoom meeting throughout the games with shared screen. The Chess arbiters were closely observing them through this zoom meeting throughout the game. All other checking measures for cheating was in action and the Chess Federation has declared 2 year ban from Chess if any player found guilty in cheating while playing.
Esandi Newansa and GHS Sanulya placed equal 2nd with six points each and Newansa won the Silver medal due to the better tie breaker. Newansa was also unbeaten throughout the event with five wins against Chanudi Jayasinghe, Diyenka Rajaguru, Devhara Palliyage, Dulnima Rathnayake and Sasmi Sithumsa while drew the other two games with Anjana and Jenuki Alwis. Sanulya had to satisfy with the bronze medal with 6 wins with Thanuki Jayathillake, Dulanya Ranasinghe, Thahani Cassim, Devhara Palliyaguru, Thejasi Thisarindi and Dulnima Rathnayake with a loss to the Champion.
A virtual Awarding Ceremony will be held. The CFSL is arranged to award trophy, medals and certificates for the winners.
Final Standings – Certificate winners

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