Sachini Ranasinghe still leads with a free point in 7the round

WIM Sachini Ranasinghe (Nf3 Chess Club) is in the lead after 7 games of the Inaugural Sri Lanka Women’s Chess Grand Prix 2020 scoring 6 ½ points out of possible 7 when he received the bye which was created due to the withdrawal of Nemindi Ramanayake after 4 rounds. Sachini just gave a draw to WIM Nelunika and scored 6 wins including the bye in her 7 games.
WIM, Nelunika Methmani(University of Sri Jayawardenapura) showed that she is also strong when she beat Tharushi Sanndeepani in the 7th round to score 6 points, just a half a point behind Sachini. Tharushi Niklesha also following them closely with 5 ½ points by winning her game with strong Ashvini Pavalachandran in this round. Ashvini Pavalchandran and Dinushki Premanath are in the 4th place with 4 points.
The Event which was conducted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka is the first Women sporting event of the country after the COVID 19 Break. The event is in progress on 25th, 26th, 27th, 31st July and 1st and 2nd August 2020 at the Chess Federation Headquarters, Delkanda, Nugegoda. The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka has offered Rs 70,000/= in cash awards with Trophies and Medals. The 8th rounds will start tomorrow, Saturday, the 1st of August 2020 morning at 9.00 a.m.
The results of 6th round
1. Oneli Weerawardena(Lycium International School, Ratnapura) beat Sayumi Gamage (Musaeus College)
2. Ashvini Pawalachandran(Wycherly International Schools) Lost to WCM, Tharushi Niklesha(Visakha Vidyalaya)
3. Prasansa Premanath(Girls High School, Kandy) lost to WFM, Dinushki Premanath(University of Moratuwa)
4. WIM, Nelunika Methmani (University of Sri Jayawardenapura) beat Sandeepani M Tharushi (Devi Balika Vidyalaya)
5. Janandani Abeysinghe (Girls High School, Kandy) Drew with Sayumi Vimansa Piyumanthi (Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda)
6. WIM, Sachini Ransinghe(Nf3 Chess Club) got the Bye

Standings after Round 6
1. WIM, Sachini Ranasinghe 6 ½
2. WIM, Nelunika Methmani 6
3. WCM Tharushi Niklesha 5 ½
4. Ashvini Pavalachandran 4
5. WFM, Dinushki Premanath 4
6.Janadani Abeysinghe 4
7. Prasansa Premanath 3
8. Sandeepani Tharushi 3
9. Oneli Weerawardena 2 ½
10. Sayumi Gamage 2
11. Sayumi Vimansa Piyumanthi 1 ½
Inaugural Sri Lanka Youth Grand Prix 2020 is expected very soon. So eligible players are requested to confirm their participation by 4th August 2020.
Luxman Wijesuriya
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