Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2020

This is to inform that the Sri Lanka National Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2020 will be held on 21st & 22nd August 2020.at the SATHARA Auditorium, Maharagama. With the medical guidelines given by the Ministry of Sports.
Blitz, 3 + 2 seconds. (First round start at 4.00 pm on Friday)
Rapid 15 + 10 seconds (First round start at 8.30 am on Saturday)
Events are open for all. If less than 200 players in a event, only 7 rounds are played. Otherwise it will be 9 rounds.
There will be four events:
1. Sri Lanka National Blitz Chess Championships 2020
2. Sri Lanka Women’s National Blitz Chess Championships 2020
3. Sri Lanka National Rapid Chess Championships 2020
4. Sri Lanka Women’s National Rapid Chess Championships 2020
Awards – Championships Trophy for all Events, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and following Cash awards will be awarded. We will issue 10 certificates for first 20 players and additional 1 each for every 10 players more.
Open Women
Champion Rs. 20,000/= Rs. 15,000/=
1st Runner Up Rs. 12,000/= Rs. 10,000/=
2nd Runner Up Rs. 8,000/= Rs. 5,000/=
Open Women
Champion Rs. 15,000/= Rs. 10,000/=
1st Runner Up Rs. 10,000/= Rs. 5,000/=
2nd Runner Up Rs. 5,000/= Rs. 3,000/=
Please send your entries before 9.00 pm on Thursday, the 20th of August 2020 to chessfederationsl@gmail.com. Late entries will not be considered. The payments should be completed before the 1st round is over.
Health Guide lines
1. Details and a history of health records are taken from all participants before start.
2. All players should come in masks.
3. Hand cleaning & Temperature checking available here.
4. Three feet tables are used and players may keep one meter distance. Only 4 players are
placed in 3 x 6 tables
5. No spectators, parents are allowed in the venue
Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Tournament Secretary
General Secretary- South Asian Chess Council
General Secretary- Commonwealth Chess Association
Vice President - Asian Chess Federation
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