Sri Lanka National Youth Chess Championship 2018

This is to inform all participants of the above event that all arrangements have made to conduct the event from 27th to 30th December 2018 at DS Senanayake College as scheduled. The Chess Federation of Sri Lanka congratulates all of you for selecting to play this most important event. We expect fierce competition with true sportsmanship since the Asian Youth Chess Championship is going to be held in Sri Lanka from 1st to 10th April 2019.

Reporting Time - before 8. 30 a.m. on 27/12/2018 (All except under 7 years)
Reporting Time - before 12. 30 p.m. on 27/12/2018 for Under 7 years Boys and Girls (Under 7 players cannot enter the school in the morning.)
We have faced a lot of difficulties in finding venues for the large events of this nature due to the behavior of the participants. So, the following regulations should be followed strictly by the participants and the accompanying persons to make this event a success. Violation of these regulations may result in keeping the accompanying persons out of the schools premises.
1. Only one parent/ accompanying person should attend to the school premises with the players.
2. The accompanying people should stay in the area designated to parents at the school.
3. The Accompanying persons should not attend to the area which is mentioned as ' Parents cannot enter this area' for any reason.
4. All foods should be taken at the canteen area and the wast baskets kept at the canteen area should be used for food wastes.
5.If you brings outside foods/ Drinks and water bottles you should bring the empty bottles and the remaining wastes with you.
6. It is advised to get your lunch from outside and come without bringing parcels to school.
7. Please keep your children with you when the games are not there without involving running throughout the school.
8. When there is a large crowed is gathered in this way, the toilet facilities are very limited and please use them with care.
9. Please do not harm any school belongings, any things in the classrooms, agriculture projects or flowers in the school.
10.. The starting times are kept for convenience of the event and please adhere to them.
11. If there is any complain or claim on the game please advise the players (Even they are small) to report it to the arbiter at the moment of the incident. We cannot act for any late claims.
12. Except the arbiters, officials, some VIP personals (Selection Committee etc.) no one else will be allowed to enter the playing area.
13. We hope that you all will corporate with our staff, arbiters and school officials and support us to make this event a grand success.
14. CFSL wish all of you a successful event with a lot of Victories!
With Warm Regards
Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Tournament Secretary - CFSL
General Secretary - Commonwealth Chess Association
Vice President - Asian Chess Federation
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