15 year-old Dinushki wins Womens National

The Sri Lanka National and Women's National Chess Championships 2010

Dinushki Premantha, 15 year old student of Girls Highs Schools, Kandy won the Sri Lanka Women's National Championship 2010, concluded at the CETRAC, Palawatta, Battramulla. The Championship was organized by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka and was held over 13 rounds. Dinushki, who was runners- up last year was unbeaten throughout the event and was first by comfortable 1.5 points. Two draws against early leader Mayumi Muhandiram and Ayodhya Liyanagedara in the last 2 rounds was enough to clinch her maiden national title.

Pramodya Senanayake, WFM was also unbeaten and clinched first place on tie break after finishing on 9 points. Pramodya is a student of Musaues College and was the Champion in 2007. She beat Iridu Basnayake in round 13 to leap frog the latter in to runners-up place. Iridu Basnayake from Kandy Girls Highs School had a poor last day and the losses she suffered on that day cost her the second place. She still managed to finish on 9 points

14 year old Mayumi Muhandiram of Maliyadeva Girls College, was placed joint second and fourth on tie break. After leading at the end of the first half she lost out on the first place when two games in succession at the start of the second half. In the last round she beat Uthpala Hettikarannagoda with the black pieces.

After a surge in the last half defending champion , Sachini Ranasinghe of Musaeus College managed to finish 5th. Her win with black over Samasha Uduptiyas allowed her to go past WFM Supeshala Thilakawardena in the 13th round when the latter was held to a draw by Tiumi Yashora. Sachini scored 5.5 points out of 6 in the last 6 rounds.

1. Dinushi Premanath - Kandy Girls High School 10.5 points
2. WFM Pramodya Senanayake - Musaues College 9 points
Iridu Basnayaka - Kandy Girls High School 9 points
Mayumi Muhanidram - Kurunegala Maliyadeva Girls College 9 points
5. Sachini Ranasinghe Musaues College 8 points
6. WFM Supeshal Thilakawardena - Musaeus College 7.5 points
7. Ayodhya Liyanagedara University of Moratuwa 7 points
8. Samasha Udupitiya - Kurunegala Maliyadeva Girls College 6 points
9. Tiumi Yashora - Vishaka Vidyalaya 5 points
10. Navodya Selvarathnam Kandy Girls High School 4.5 points
Chaturi Hettige 4.5 points
12. Uthpala Hettikarannagoda - Rathnawali BV Borelle 4 points
Shalini Jayawardena - S. Josephs BV , kegsalle, 4 points
14. Samanthi Wettasinghe - Sri Lankan Airlines 3 points

Report by, Naditha Amarakoon, Media Coodinator, Chess Federation of Sri Lanka

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