Mutual Chess Promotional Programme between South Africa and Sri Lanka

There was a proposal from South African Chess Federation to have a mutual Chess Promotional programmewith the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka to promote Chess in both countries. This proposal came to us because they have observed the rapid development of Chess Events in Sri Lanka and they also needed to timprove their stucture of events.

As an initial attempt there is a proposal of exchanging Chess Contingents from both countries and allow those players to live with the Chess players and make them to get an understanding of the culture of the Countries while making friendship among them.

The South African's are ready to visit Sri Lanka in end of March to April for around 10 days while they are expecting our contingent in 2011 parellel to the Commonwealth Chess Championship , which might be in South Africa. (If not, Commonwealth will be in Sri Lanka )

We have an idea to bring this contingent to Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Kurunegala if the time permits.

Since this is an exchange programme these people are to stay with Sri Lankan families. So, I would be grateful if any Chess Player of Sri Lanka can accommodate one or two Chess players for a period of 3 to 5 days in this period. You may contact me in 0715397829 or


Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Secretary - Chess Federation of Sri Lanka

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