Coaching camp for Youth Winners

Dear all,

This is to inform that there will be a Chess coaching camp by the leading Chess Coaches in Sri Lanka for the winners of the National youth Chess Championship this year. All players intending to participate in the International Events this year from the following winners must participate in this coaching camp to be held on 8th and 9th of May 2010 at Royal College, Colombo. Players, selected to play in the National A and women's A Championships are released to play those prestigious events. All are requested to report to the royal College at 8.30 a.m. on 8th.

If any other player in a required strength is willing to participate they may request the CFSL. They will be allowed with a nominal fee.

Under 08 Open
First - Ryan Weerasinghe
Second - G. M. H. Thilakarathna
Third - B. W. M. M. Madusanka

Under 08 Girls
First - L. A. N. Y. Karunarathna
Second - B. K. D. Liyanage
Third - Asani Sankalpana

Under 10 Open
First - H. M. A. K. Herath
Second - Minul Doluweera
Third - K. G. Rathnayake

Under 10 Girls
First - P. A. R. R. Nonis
Second - Dinithi Jayamanna
Third - Binudi Yapa

Under 12 Open
First - W. S. Ranmith
Second - P. W. C. I. Karunatahne
Third - B. N. Thawalampola

Under 12 Girls
First - I. D. S. Kahanda
Second - D. A. N. T. N. K. Deegala
Third - Y.S. Gallage

Under 14 Open
First - K. A. P. M. Ariyawansa
Second - S. Harishman
Third - K. M. H. B. Karunarathna

Under 14 Girls
First - W. S. T. D. Koggala
Second - R. M. M. U. Muhandiram
Third - W.A. Tiumi Yashora

Under 16 Open
First - W. C. C. Perera
Second - Lahiru Munasinghe
Third - Yasas Lamawansa

Under 16 Girls
First - Navodya Selvaratnam
Second - S. D. Ranasinghe
Third - Dinushki Premanath

Under 18 Open
First - T. S. S. Peiris
Second - K. O. V. Kottahachchy
Third - Kaveesha Amarasena

Under 18 Girls
First - WFM Supeshala Thilakawardana
Second - U. G. S. S. S. Udupitiya
Third - Nadini Abeywardana

Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Secretary - CFSL
- Tel:: 0715397829 Email -

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