Request from Chess Federation of Sri Lanka

As you all know, the Asian Youth Chess Championships 2012 is to be held in Sri Lanka from 23rd to 30th June 2011. We are in a process of buying some Electronic Chess Boards to use in the event which is around Rs. 40 to 50 thousand to buy straight from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, we are not in a financial position to get these boards and thought of offering the Sri Lankan Chess comunity to support in this process.

So, we request you to fund for an Electronic board which will be given back to you after the event. We may suggest to the event organizers in Sri Lanka to hire it from the owners afterwords. There are couple of people who have voluntered for the request sofar.

Specially, this request made because several people had told me in a lot of instences that the CFSL does not request anything from them in needs.

Your support will be a great step in making this event a grand success.

Luxman Wijesuriya
Vice President - CFSL
Chairman - Organizing Committee

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