For all arbiters expecting to get FA, IA titles

The below is a message from FIDE which is self explanatory.
Unfortunately, the Chess Federation is not in a position to pay the license fee for arbiter.So, you all are requested to inform me whether you are willing to get the license as National Arbiters on or before 10th January 2013. CFSL will inform you the way of payment. No one is allowed to get the respective norms if you have not paid the license fee.
Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Secretary - CFSL

from 01.01.2013 the new regulations for the Arbiters’ License will be in effect.

Please find the regulations, as they are published in the FIDE Handbook (B.05, art. 6).

The main change because of the new regulations will be that from 01.01.2013, in order a tournament to be rated, all its Arbiters ( IA, FA, National Arbiters) must be licensed.

A tournament with non-licensed Arbiters will not be rated.

The procedure of paying the license fees will be as follows:

1. The Federation will send to FIDE Office ( the list with all its Arbiters (IAs, FAs and national Arbiters) who will get the license.
2. FIDE will send to the Federation the invoice with the license fees to be paid according to the regulations (art.6.3).
3. The Federation will collect the fees and send them to FIDE.
4. FIDE will send to the Federation the cards for its licensed Arbiters and the Arbiters will be eligible to conduct any FIDE rated tournament.

Since the Federations need to have licensed Arbiters for their first events of 2013, it is advisable to send to FIDE the lists with their Arbiters to be licensed not later than 5 December 2012, so that the Arbiters will get their license on time and before the tournament they will conduct will start.

For any questions or further information please contact the Chairman of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission IA Panagiotis Nikolopoulos ( or the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission (

With best regards

IA Panagiotis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission

6. Arbiters’ Licence.
6.1 A titled active Arbiter (International Arbiter or FIDE Arbiter) and a National Arbiter working in a FIDE rated tournament shall be charged with a “licence fee”.
6.2.1 The licence will be valid for life, on the condition the arbiter remains an active arbiter, and will be in effect from the day after FIDE has received the fee.
6.2.2 The licence fee for National Arbiters is valid for life.
6.2.3 If a National Arbiter is awarded the title of “FIDE Arbiter” the licence fee for this title has to be paid to FIDE.
6.2.4 If an arbiter upgrades his/her category only the difference between the category fee has to be paid to FIDE.
6.2.5 If a “FIDE Arbiter” achieves the title of “International Arbiter”, the fee for the new title has to be paid to FIDE.
6.3 The licence fee will be:
a) for A’ Category Arbiters (only IAs): 300 €
b) for B’ Category Arbiters (only IAs): 200 €
c) for C’ Category Arbiters: IAs 160 € FAs 120 €
d) for D’ Category Arbiters: IAs 100 € FAs 80 €
e) for National Arbiters 20 €
6.4 Failure to pay the licence fee will lead to exclusion from the FIDE Arbiters’ list.
6.5 The Arbiters’ licence will come into effect from 01. 01. 2013.
6.6 From 01. 01. 2013 all arbiters of FIDE rated tournaments shall be licensed.
6.7.1 An arbiter who has become inactive (see annex 2, articles 1.3 and 1.4) is considered not to be licensed anymore and will be transferred to the list of inactive arbiters.
6.7.2 In order to be active again the inactive arbiter has to pay for a new licence, according to 6.3
6.8 If the article 6.6 is not fulfilled, the tournaments shall not be rated.
6.9 From 01. 01. 2013 the licence fee will be charged together with the application fee for all new awarded arbiter titles.
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