Dear all,

CFSL Event Calendar 2011


I have received few mails requesting the qualifications for the tournaments in the CFSL Calendar. I am writing below a brief description.


1. Provincial and District Youth Chess Champions are for the Age groups of under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 Years, Girls and open separately. (Girls may play in the open sections if they wish. This is a common procedure for all Chess Events) Only the last year Champion, if he/she is playing in the same age group and all rated players can pay the finals directly.


2. Junior National Championships  is open for under 20 years players, Open and Girls seperately. This is a final event and may be the eligibility for Asian Juniors 2011 in Colombo in Jume.


3. Novices is the preliminary event for National Chess Championship Cycle. All those who have played in Major Chess Championships at least once or all players scored more than 50% in last year Novices cannot play in this event.


4. 4 Major Divisions - the qualification for National B. Players over novices level and rated below 2000.


5. 4 Women's Qualifying - Open for all girls except the rated players. Qualification event for Women's National B


6. National B - 40 Qualifiers from 4 Major events and all rated players above 2000 except the last year Champion and male title players.


7. Women's National B - 40 Qualifiers from 4 Women';s Qualifying events and all rated players except the last year Champion and title players.


8. Inter Club B Qualifying any team of 6 or 7 players may participate


9. Women's  Inter Club Qualifying any ladies team of 6 or 7 players may participate.


10. Inter Club Super League - 8 top teams are already become eligible in last year. The two best teams in the Inter Club B Finals will get this event next year and last two teams of super league goes to Inter Club B next year.


11. All others are open International Tournaments including Sri Lanka Open Championship


Asian Events 

1. Asian Zone 3.2 Zonal Event for Open and Girls, Colombo 2011 in late March

So far only one player from a country is eligible. But, negotiations are going on to open the event. The winner will get a direct IM title (if needed number of countries are there) and qualifications for the World Cup. India is no more in our zone. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are there.


2. Asian Juniors and Girls 2010, Colombo in early June

Two seperate events of Under 20 years for open and Girls. One player will be official and additional players may participate. Expecting at least 10 Countries.


3. Asian Senior and Senior women

Over 60 for open and 55 for women. There was a proposal to reduce the age limit from 5 years.


A detailed prospectus will be sent before the events.


You may visit the Chess Federation website also for details.




Luxman Wijesuriya

Homy. Secretary - CFSL