Stafford International School Chess WorkShop

It is chess that is in vogue at Stafford International School. At the invitation of the school Mrs. Suneetha Wijesuriya, the President and the Chief Instructress of the Anatoly Karpov Chess Club of the Russian Centre and presently the Chairperson of the Lanka Chess Foundation, has been conducting demonstrations to over 400 enthusiastic students from grade 3 upwards in one week.

Mrs. Suneetha was the Gold Medalist at the 30th World Chess Olympiad in 1992 and there is a clam our to join her training sessions which the children seem to enjoy very much.

Chess is a game that promotes concentration, patience and develops the dexterity of the brain. Children of all ages should be encouraged to play the game.

By Mrs. Sunethra Taldena B.Sc., M.Sc.Edu.Mgt. Principal,Stafford International School

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